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Alison Silfen 
“Doing my MBA at HUJI felt almost like having five years of work experience. Even in our class assignments, we were doing something. We were building teams, working on projects, and making plans. When you first get an entry level job, especially in the States, you don't have the same level of experience.”​
Alumna, MBA StartUp 360° Program 
Juliane Viergas
“Here at the Hebrew University we are given the freedom to pursue research in what we’re interested in. People are always open to new ideas and I frequently meet with my advisor. We receive professional, personal, and financial support.”
PhD student, Genetics
Catherine Szkop
“For me, the most exciting aspect of studying at HUJI is that most professors insist on students calling them by their first names! This informal attitude breaks down walls and makes it clear that they really want you to learn to the best of your ability and succeed in your studies.”
MA in Jewish Studies
Dr. Ruchi Verma
“Studying in Jerusalem granted me the privilege of being part of a unique ecosystem: the charm of a modern-ancient city, combined with breakthrough scientific advancements. Having completed my studies, I am currently working as a State Public Health Immunization Consultant for UNICEF in North-East India.”
Alumna, International Master’s Degree in Public Health
Aditya Tripathi
“My experience at HUJI was remarkable. Through our collective efforts, we were able to publish a paper in the scientific journal Nature Communications."
Visiting Researcher in Applied Physics
Danny Ginzburg
“Anyone looking to be challenged intellectually and culturally, while simultaneously gaining the knowledge and skills to advance their career should consider studying with the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”
Alumnus, MSc Program at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment


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Stay tuned for our next Digital Open Day
Digital Open Day
Register for our next digital open days